How to find the best education for you

February 1, 2019

Choosing your path through education is one of the most important choices you will ever make. There are so many universities and colleges available, and even within one scientific discipline, the range of courses can be overwhelming. The following three steps can help you focus on the essentials and make the choice that’s absolutely right for you.

Step one: identify your own list of priorities

People have lots of different reasons for choosing a particular programme of study. It’s not just about going to the most prestigious place or following the course that your parents or teachers recommend. The first step should always be to write a list of your own personal requirements. Prioritise these with the most important at the top, for example a particular subject combination, a city at home or abroad, or the availability of certain sports or cultural activities. Make sure you include the aspects you value most on your list.

Step two: do your own research

It’s never good to rely on hearsay, or general reputation. Nothing beats doing your own research. This includes trawling through university and college websites, requesting written materials, and attending official open days or taster events.

Step three: talk to other students and graduates

Thanks to social media, it’s easy to find some people who have already studied the courses you are looking at. Ask them about the teaching style, the assessments, the social life. Mapping the information you find against your own, personal list will help to ensure that you really do pick the education that is best for you.