Sure-Fire Tips to Improve Your Memory

December 26, 2018

Are you looking to boost your memory? Have you been curious to know what methods exist? The good news is that there are a plethora of tools at your disposal thanks to the universal presence of the Internet. Let us quickly look at some professional suggestions that can have a lasting impact within a relatively short period of time. You might very well be surprised to learn some of these tried-and-tested techniques.

Performing Maths Without a Calculator

We have become overly reliant upon modern devices and unfortunately, this has allowed the mind to become somewhat lax. We must never forget that the brain is a muscle. It will grow stronger if stimulated. This is why one of the best methods is to practice simple mathematics in your head. You are soon likely to note that even challenging equations become much easier to solve.

Counting Cards

Counting cards has been a popular strategy amongst poker players for centuries and yet, this can also represent an excellent way to boost your natural memory. This useful wagering tool will help to stimulate your short-term recall. It is also a great way to occupy your spare time, as it can be performed while alone. Of course, we should never fail to mention that the art of counting cards will always come in useful if you happen to be playing a round of poker or blackjack!

Create a “Memory Palace” in Your Mind

A “memory palace” is essentially a mental construct where you will store images, facts, strings of numbers and facts. The main difference is that you consciously allocate a portion of your mind for this intention. Over time, your mind will literally begin to “rewire” its neurons so that you can access this virtual palace whenever or wherever you desire. These are three simple and yet effective techniques to consider if you have been hoping to boost your memory.