The healthy light

May 8, 2021

Healthy light is very important to the human body, especially with global health issues like Covid-19 and depression. A very good source of healthy light is sunlight or daylight, which also is a very good source of vitamin D.

For a start, common daylight has numerous advantages for our bodies. Studies have shown that an absence of vitamin D in our bodies can prompt the onset of feeble bones and occasionally, malignancy. But sadly, indoor activities deprive people of this essential vitamin. As a result, the body suffers when deprived of this vitamin for a sustained period. It is important to stress that daylight is fundamental for a sound body and mind.

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Why healthy light

Artificial illumination/light can stop us from sleeping well and this can make us ill. This is because light has a considerable effect on the human body. Many researchers have blamed electric illumination for changing patterns in our sleep; this has been the cause of fewer hours of sleep each night.

In summary, all unscreened fluorescent lighting can be hurtful to the human eyes. They can cause serious eye strain and headaches.